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By enriching the experiential components and practice of the governance process,

GB helps the Board unleash their full transformational leadership potential.


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With dynamic and inspiring board meetings, agile decision processes, engaging debates,  connection and communication, GB helps propel purpose-driven generative governance to the place it deserves.

A new era of leadership and governance is emerging.

We work with solid and passionate boards where the Chairman and the Directors, looking beyond short-term outcomes, seek to generate sustainable, impactful transformation with efficiency and energy. They are boards that purposefully contribute to creating net positive value for the future. They are boards that enjoy the people’s respect.

By embracing GB Project, the board thrives as the singular place where purpose-driven change embodies leadership and vision, offering light and direction to the management, injecting energy into the organization, and being appreciated by the stakeholders.

Results are tangible: high-performing governance driving effective organizational change, energized and inspiring board meetings, more agile decisions, enhanced support to the CEO and management, strengthened links to stakeholders, accelerated new directors onboarding, and compliance to the new ISO 37000:2021 recommendations.

When the board thrives, it becomes a vital competitive advantage for the organization and a sustainable positive asset for the investors and the stakeholders.

Disclaimer: GB Projects are highly confidential. Business cases are presented using fictitious companies but based on real practical experiences. Any similarities with actual persons or organizations are purely coincidental. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), organizations, places and products is intended or should be inferred.

To guarantee confidentiality, all testimonials remain anonymous.

“We have fewer physical meetings, but implementing GB  they are now unique peak performance experiences of outstanding governance, and they help to pilot the complexity of our current challenges. “

Non-Executive Director of a manufacturing equipment company

“GB Project propels the board of directors to become a vital transformational force by developing engaging meeting dynamics, more agile decisions, brilliant consensus, and better communication and positive alignment with the CEO. “

Chair of the board of a fast-growing cybersecurity company

GB Project

GB aids the board of directors to elevate the governance practice by fostering immersion, connection, decision, and purpose.

GB introduces the experiential conditions to take governance to the next level of generative leadership.

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You are on the right board at the right time.  GB is the opportunity to express the best of you.

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GB project speeds up tangible outcomes, introducing concrete, practical elements into board processes and effectively obtaining results that drive sustainable organizational change.