GB Project

Experiencing the Generative Leadership

IMAGINE… your next board meeting in an inspiring location, surrounded by nature and art. The company’s purpose is the ground of governance processes, identifying transformation priorities, integrating ESG with strategy, and intensifying stakeholders’ links. Inside and outside information flows clearly in a space where data analytics and AI are meaningful. And the Board is recognized and respected by the executives, organization, and community.

The boardroom evolves into a stimulating universe where directors are challenged to create value with incisive questions, respectful confrontation, refreshing discussion dynamics, and diversified approaches.


The Board, you are the authors, writers, and transformational governance artists.


GB facilitates production by creating the experiential process conditions for outstanding results.


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GB offers a new hands-on approach, generating the experiential conditions and practices that facilitate taking the governance process to its maximum potential for successful transformative change.


In GB Project, experiential components -immersion, connection, decision, and purpose- are skillfully combined, nurturing the leadership practice.

GB drives the governance experience to its highest performance and expression needed to lead the complexity of change for the benefit of the company, organization, community, and society.

Transformational goals

  • We identify clear purpose-aligned goals for the board, build on strengths, and plan the path towards generative governance.
  • We speed up using technology-enabled board management tools to foster outstanding efficiency and results and deploy interactive digital tools to facilitate discussion and decision-making.


  • We train the directors to work with GB’s transformational leadership methods and tools.
  • We develop constant feedback encouraging continuous learning and performance monitoring.

Peak Performance

  • We adjust the GB meeting agenda and prepare the meeting venue combining art and nature in inspiring spaces for optimal board immersion, effectiveness, engagement, and purpose alignment.
  • We review documentation for clarity.
  • We facilitate fruitful discussion and collaborative processes. We promote a diversity of thinking styles and incisive debate.


  • We contribute to the board of directors’ prestige and recognition, gaining appreciation and respect from investors, stakeholders, and the community.
  • We impulse positive communication inside and outside the board, enhancing the links to the CEO, the management, and the organization.

ISO 37000:2021

  • We align the governance practices to facilitate compliance with the new ISO 37000:2021 guidelines and principles.

“In our GB meetings, we develop governance to its utmost brilliance, not only for the company’s successful transformation but for the community and the social benefit.”

Chair of the Board of a tech company

GB arises from observing leadership in its fullness, in these moments when governance becomes a peak experience of high effectivity, focus, agility, fruitful discussion,  communication, and purpose.

We recognize four pillars that contribute to enriching every meeting and governance process: immersion, communication, decision, and purpose.

GB creates the conditions and the processes that facilitate outstanding high-performance governance to drive successful transformation.


Meetings environment, emotional climate, meaningful information. Art, nature, inspiring venues. Ergonomics, attention, concentration. 


Appreciative inquiry, to know and to be known, roles and rules. Trust and respect. Internal and external links, inclusion, plurality. 


Generative debate, creativity, diversity, thinking styles. Clear goals, continuous feedback. Visual thinking,  incisive questioning, meaningful use of technology and AI.


Values, ESG,  ethics. Optimism, gratefulness, appreciation of excellence, goodness and aesthetic beauty. Long term, net positive outcomes. 

Project Design

GB Project starts with an in-depth conversation with the Chair and Directors, identifying goals and purpose, visualizing where the board wants to be, and planning the path to go faster.


We are experiencing the model, the tools, and the dynamics of GB. The training sessions are unique moments of transformational learning and practice.

Board Meetings

GB converts meetings into peak experiences of governance. We enrich board meetings with experiential elements that facilitate outstanding outcomes of the board practice.

Agile Governance

By generating trust, recognition, and prestige, we lead by sensing the reality, feeling the organization, and connecting to the stakeholders, community, and the environment.

Project Design

GB Project starts with a deep conversation with the Chair and Directors, identifying goals and purpose, visualizing where the board and the company want to be, and planning the path to go faster.