GB Training

Each training session is a moment of full participation and flow, where the as-is and to-be scenarios are confronted, and we experience in the first person the principles of GB.

Acquiring skills and mindset to drive effective and high performing transformational governance.


The directors highly appreciate GB Training sessions, physical or hybrid format.

The training session introduces the concepts and practices of the components of GB that enrich the governance process and effectively drives the transformation.

With a holistic approach, each session is eminently practical, working and living the elements of GB: immersion, connection, discussion, and purpose.

The skills trained are highly beneficial for board efficiency and transformational leadership performance.

Immersion is boosted by the emotional experience

Nurturing the governance experience with physical-sensorial-emotional elements is a distinctive aspect of GB. Our interaction with art and nature can help us achieve the best of ourselves. We will learn how to redesign a meeting agenda to integrate the energy balance and recovery during a meeting. We will use the components of the environment to foster inspiration and attentional focus.

Connection requires knowing and being known

Governance is a complex social human activity performed at the maximum level. Knowing and being known is a crucial but often neglected aspect of governance. We will identify our character strengths and virtues as foundations of outstanding leadership. We will learn how enriching the connection in and out of the board is a fundamental component of outstanding governance. We will learn how, as a board, we can be promoted and recognized by the organization and the community, with mutual respect and appreciation.


Board decision-making is a peak experience

Decision-making is a high-demanding activity, a peak experience where cognitive-emotional involvement is at its maximum level. Clear goals and feedback are requirements of effective governance. We will explore how autonomy, diversity of thinking styles and mindsets, incisive questioning, and confronting from honest perspectives in a safe space can enrich the final needed consensus in the boardroom. We will learn how to step up the decision process by creating the best conditions for complete intellectual involvement.

Purpose and meaning, drivers of real change

An essential quality of good governance is optimism about seeing the emerging future. The most relevant ingredients of optimism are purpose, hope, and gratefulness. We will learn how enriching the governance experience with these components will facilitate meaningful, transformational leadership and organizational guidance, with a strong connection with the CEO, executives, stakeholders, and the community. Purpose creates reality, and a shared reality is the base of effective leadership.

Digital transformation at the core of the process

GB facilitates outstanding governance enhanced by digital innovation. We will learn how to align the digital transformation with the experiential components of the process and with the goals and priorities of the board and will establish the mechanisms for continuous monitoring and feedback.

GB Meetings

We turn meetings into peak experiences of governance. We introduce experiential elements that facilitate outstanding outcomes driving change and transformation.