About GB

We work with committed boards that aim to reach their full potential as drivers of change.



GB contributes to generating governance spaces and processes where the boards can fully develop their potential for leadership, innovation driving, and organization guidance. The Board of directors approaches GB to explore fresh governance ways to create positive and sustainable value for the company, organization, and society.

GB is our answer to what we see are the emerging global challenges and needs of boards and directors, especially in the face of challenging times, when the toughest decisions require full involvement, consensus and shared vision.

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In each GB project, we are proud to help the Chairman and Directors to achieve their full leadership potential.


GB is an innovation project helping to shape and enrich the components of board practices to achieve the expected transformational impact of modern governance.

GB arose from the conviction and shared growing opinion between investors, managers, stakeholders, and the community that the central role of the governance process is driving continuous sustainable and positive change for value creation. The final goal is to contribute not only to the company or organization’s success but also to attract individual talent and promote collective flourishing, the long-term prosperity of the organization, and environmental sustainability.

We face new challenges that require new ways of developing transformational leadership based on the fresh approaches GB is helping to carry out.


Thank you for your invaluable partnership.

GB works project by project, board by board, and company by company. Each project benefits from a fruitful collaboration of a multidisciplinary team of outstanding professionals who enrich the experiential conditions for governance to flourish.

We are passionate about leadership and organizational transformation. An outstanding network of experts and partners that makes possible extraordinary things happen.  If you are excellent in one of these fields, we need to talk.

Board Services

  • Executive search, director recruitment, onboarding, training and development
  • CEO succession planning
  • Executive compensation
  • Board benchmarking and assessment


  • Meeting Management Solutions
  • Board applications
  • Multimedia interactive systems
  • AI and data analytics
  • Iconography and smart data visualization


  • Communication strategy, PR
  • Visual thinking, serious games
  • Social media, corporate image
  • Innovation trends, market analysis

Hospitality, Art and Nature

  • Multimedia artists and galleries, audiovisual producers
  • Event organization
  • Hotels, inspiring venues
  • Nature and outdoor

Purpose, legal, ethics

  • DEI
  • ESG
  • Legal, Risk, Compliance & Government Affairs
  • PBC and B Corp certification