GB Directors’ Profiles

GB directors aspire to drive environmentally inspired change, are socially connected, strongly driven by purpose, and lucid in their forward-looking decisions to address sustainability, social and digital transformation.

GB directors’ profiles

  • You are leaders who pursue having a real and sustainable positive impact on your organization, community, society, and environment.
  • You are open to new perspectives on governance and embrace open innovation.
  • You defend that commitment, engagement, collaboration, creativity, intelligence, passion, and energy are the ingredients of good governance.
  • You want to step up your work to the next level, which is about high performance and generating new rich ideas, new strategic paths, and new fruitful dynamics to support your company and your executives.
  • You want to expand and project your positive leadership to your organization and community.
  • You look to the future with hope and optimism, and you are grateful for the opportunity you have to lead transformation and change.
  • You are committed to expressing your views and ideas independently and looking for consensus and shared benefit.
  • You are open to experimenting with innovation and exploring new paths by enriching the governance process with potent sources of inspiration, creativity, and collaboration through engaging experiences and practices.
  • You support diversity as a source of value generation and learning, not only by favouring inclusion but by fostering a plurality of thinking styles, points of view and intellectual perspectives.

Do you keep looking at the past for answers?

  • Is your board process essentially ceremonial and formal? Do you feel comfortable with that approach?
  • Is fulfilling legal and formal requirements the only goal of your board process? Do you think it deserves to be the only reason to dedicate your time and effort?
  • Is your board only interested in short-term results for shareholders, pushing the CEO and management to achieve the maximum now? Are you comfortable ignoring a sustainable future for all the stakeholders?
  • Is your board not regularly meeting, and board members’ dedication is spotty? Are you considering increasing the boardroom’s effort and engagement is where change begins?

Hopefully, many boards that are not yet seeing the need and benefit of the GB Project today will look for a similar approach in the future.

Transforming companies and organizations for a brighter, sustainable future is a responsibility of each board without exception, and more and more leaders, investors, and stakeholders are aware of it. Our commitment now is to embrace and contribute to an emerging luminous future of corporate and organizational governance.

GB Portraits

Directors sum up the big concept in just a few words.