Portraits: Before and After GB

Summing up the big concept in just a few words.

“The process flows naturally, giving the best of ourselves, fully focused and feeling control over the complexity of our work.”

“The experience taken to its highest level, we feel inspired and confident in our progress, the impact on our results is remarkable.”

“We have felt immersed in the activity as we had not done until then, not only the physical environment, the art as inspiration, nature as connection, but the stimulating intellectual challenge that the board meeting has continuously motivated.”

“The emotional climate, the engagement, the clarity in the roles that the board of directors had to play, the continuous feedback on our progress, all this has contributed to making our work fruitful and extraordinarily useful.”

GB Projects are highly confidential. Business cases are presented using fictitious companies, but based on real practical experiences. Any similarities with actual persons or organizations are purely coincidental. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), organizations, places and products is intended or should be inferred.

Testimonials are kept anonymous to preserve confidentiality. 


“We just put the focus on activities, not goals.”

“We just dance around the subject, and nothing changes.”

“Each meeting is a competition of egos, the drain of energy and politics.”

“The board is overwhelmed by the complexity of their tasks; everything is urgent and a priority.”

“We are micromanaging de CEO; this is not what we expect from the board.”

“Each meeting is a sleepwalking through the manual; we only address formalities.”

“I am astonished how the chair tolerates mediocrity and terminal niceness.”

“I feel little personal growth, no learning at all.”

“We have created a board culture of compliance and passivity.”

“Each board meeting is a playground of competing, silos, factions. “

“The meetings are a caricature where only the imposing view of one of the directors and his group is present.”

“I feel that the relevant information is not flowing at all.”


“We focus on goals and results.”

“We address the real issues truthfully and effectively; we have the energy for change.”

“We achieve a high level of collaboration, consensus, and a healthier emotional climate.”

“We establish clear priorities; we use better our energy to achieve timely decisions.”

“We are now much more focused on improving leadership and strategy.”

“We address each meeting with agility, continued learning, shared standard of performance.”

“We are now confronting performance and behavioural issues; we are committed as the board to become an effective agent for transformation success.”

“Each meeting is a development-rich experience, continuous feedback fosters personal development”

“We share and feel a culture of passionate engagement”

“We are sharing resources, collaborating, we are at the service of the organization goals”

“We explore multiple, competing realities”

“We have created an open, transparent, inclusive culture”

GB in practice: Business Cases

GB speeds up achieving tangible results, introducing concrete transformative elements into board activities, where all board members contribute to their full potential, and results are made visible to the organization.