Agile Governance

Board meetings are not isolated governance experiences. Agility for company transformation requires continuous sensing, reflection, debate, connection, and guidance. Inter-meeting times are an excellent opportunity for leadership and prestige consolidation by fostering relationships and connections with the executives, the stakeholders, and the community.

Enriching governance as a continuous activity allows better connection with the company management and stakeholders, constant future scanning, and uninterrupted purpose-driven social and environmental company narrative building. 



Immersion, connection, decision, and purpose are not starting or ending in the boardroom.

GB considers governance as a continuous transformation activity. The time between meetings is not seen as a time out but as a moment crucial for sensing reality, supporting the company management, connecting to the stakeholders, and scanning the future.

Enriching the governance experience between the meetings is part of the GB design:

  • meeting minutes as a tool to facilitate reflection,
  • subsequent meeting preparation by strengthening the GB approach,
  • continuous information flow,
  • change and risk monitoring,
  • feedback to/from management,
  • continuous learning activities.
  • Communication campaign to the stakeholders, projecting the leadership quality of the board and gaining prestige and appreciation.
  • Purpose-driven prioritization focuses attention on the stakeholders impacting long-term sustainability.
  • DEI and ESG risks are perceived not as overwhelming obstacles but as the key to future sustainable value creation.


Communicate, communicate, communicate!

The real value of the board consensus and decisions is the effectiveness of being translated into positive actions and execution. Communication is the key to the involvement of the organization, stakeholders, and community. GB Project design promotes the communication activities from the board of directors: social media, press campaigns, and dissemination actions. 

Sense, listen, connect

GB directors must listen to the voices that matter,  sensing the financial, social, and environmental realities, the market, the organization, and the management. While it is true that the board doesn’t need to be into the detail of the execution, they need to perceive the company culture, the market, social media, and technology trends. GB Project facilitates the adoption of listening by employing digital tools for data analytics, information flow, and AI.


Board prestige, recognition and trust

The board that develops generative leadership becomes a vital competitive advantage for the company and a crucial asset and support for the CEO and executives. GB Project is helping to consolidate this value by strengthening the deserved recognition and prestige of the board by the investors, stakeholders, and the community.

Is GB for you?

GB impulses transformational governance and board engagement, driving real change, and contributing to the company’s confidence and positive value creation. With GB, we help to strengthen a new emerging director’s profile towards agile leadership.