The GB Meeting

Each GB meeting is an opportunity for governance excellence.

GB meetings are the main constituents of the transformational governance project.

Chair and Directors, you are the artists of governance. GB brings the production. Together we create the conditions for transformational governance to flourish.


Because we have fewer physical meetings, they are more important than ever.

In each GB meeting, we deploy four types of experiential constituents:

  • Immersion
  • Connection
  • Decision 
  • Purpose 

We design and help deploy these experiential constituents to generate a performant and fruitful experience where attention, involvement, feedback, communication,  cooperation, and decision-making flow smoothly for the benefit of the process.

The board of directors, you are the artists, the writers, the authors of the outstanding governance score and lyrics. I am the GB producer. Embracing GB, you will achieve the best leadership impact and needed alignment with your audience – management, organization, investors, stakeholders, and community – to drive effective change.


We create the physical-emotional ambiance conditions for high-performance governance.

  • Meeting venue selection and scenery.
  • Meeting room structure and inspiring decoration, nature presence, ergonomics.
  • Art is a human inspirational expression of complex ideas and feelings, and music is an emotional trigger.
  • During meetings, flexible space allows attendees to move, and even exercise.
  • The meeting agenda reflects the need for moments of relaxing and energy recovery after highly demanding instants.
  • Concentration and energy activation are facilitated by the room environment, structure, and location.
  • Inspiring images, photography, and video walls.
  • Positive emotional boosters, like easy access to nature and inspiring landscapes.
  • By creating the right environment, purpose and aspiration turn into inspiration.


 The social connection contributes to mutual knowledge sharing, respect, and appreciation, inside and outside the board.

  • Clear but comfortable roles and rules for members.
  • Support diversity as a source of value generation and learning by favoring inclusion and fostering a plurality of thinking styles, points of view, and intellectual perspectives.
  • Use of consensus facilitation tools.
  • To know and to be known as a foundation principle of effective working.
  • The boardroom is promoted as a safe space of trust and honesty.
  • Open appreciation to/from others to promote engagement and respect.
  • Development of new connections to the stakeholders: managers, employees, partners, suppliers, company customers and the community.
  • Improving external board communication and projected image.
  • Wise use of digital social media to promote positive social interaction.



The intellectual components contribute to a peak experience and generate creative thinking and effective decision-making conditions. 

  • Technology, video walls, and interactive devices are innovative ways of presenting data and interacting with information.
  • The information from inside and from outside the company flows with clear meaning.
  • Data analytics & AI at the service of the board.
  • The utilization of digital tools is improved and more aligned with purpose and goals.
  • Diversity of thinking styles.
  • Creative infographics, images, diversity of materials as a catalyzer of new visions and perspectives.
  • Redesign of presentations, structuring for clarity and more efficient use of information.
  • Continuous learning and engagement by providing constant feedback.
  • Clear goals for the board and required skills openly presented and discussed.
  • Creative tools and approaches to address complexity, including visual thinking and gamification.


Opening the board to a broader perspective transcends the meeting room and positively impacts the organization, community and society.


  • Organization purpose is openly discussed and permanently present in discussions.
  • Values are explicit and a guide to behaviour.
  • The board and company are active in ESG; open and transparent data is aligned with international standards.
  • The board’s external image is enriched with explicit references to long-term purpose, values and ESG.
  • Optimism is actively encouraged, especially in challenging moments, facilitating positive thinking styles.
  • The discussions honestly introduce values like appreciation of goodness and aesthetic beauty.
  • A long-term perspective replaces the short-term vision, helping to balance positive outcomes for all the stakeholders with shareholders’ profits.

GB Agile Governance

We foster generative governance by sensing the reality, feeling the organization, connecting to the stakeholders, community and the environment; generating recognition and prestige.